Craft Services 101

I just got handed a flyer that says “join us for the CREW WRAP PARTY at Bongos.” Bongos is the poorly-named restaurant about six feet above my head. The party there begins at the end of the Big Show, which ought to be just about the time when my work really begins.

Overheard During VMA ’04 Pre-Show Rehearsals:

“I need to know where the casted Jadakiss kids can eat there pizza. The pizza’s here, we just don’t know where they can eat it.”

“I need six iced vanilla Frapacinos for New Found Glory, stat, please.”

“Don’t anybody move! There’s a turkey sandwhich on the loose.”

“I wanna’ die.”

My Day At Craft Services, or Why I Need To Run In The Morning:

(1) 20 oz. coffee
(1) Multivitamin
(1) Actifed
(1) Rasin bran muffin
(1) Bowl of Rasin Bran
(2) Pepsis
(2) Cranberry juice
(4) Oatmeal rasin cookies
(2) Orange banana smoothie
(2) Tacos (meat, cheese, salsa)
(1) Doritos Cool Ranch
(1/2) Turkey, bacon, tomato sandwhich

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