Something’s gotta’ give. My life (like most, I guess) has become a constantly shifting game of prioritization. And I’m gettin’ just a little bit dizzy.

What to do first? Eat? Sleep? Run? Return that call to Paramount? Book a hotel in Cairns? Get a visa? Write a set list? Burn CDs for the band? I guess it’s just a matter of time before something breaks.

Items on the current To Do List:

Renew passport (in 31 days and counting)
Book remaining seven nights of Australia trip
Rehearse for Thursday night’s performance
Draft documentary pitch letter to Carlo Greco
Call head of FCI re: Mister Rogers documentary
Register for scuba certification
Email Smokey Junglefrog re: ‘Greatest Hits’ project
Optometrist follow up
Dentist follow up
Plan birthday party
NYC Marathon training
Schedule CD mastering
Prep album art
Book CD release
Line up fall tour

None of which addresses The MTV (which is All Video Music Awards All The Time and allows little time for any of the above), My So-Called Life (ie: doing stuff like hanging out with friends or going on dates), or the fact that I’m planning on releasing a CD in less than ninety days that I haven’t begun recording yet. (And none of it addresses how I’m going to pay for it all!)

And hey, I ain’t complainin’. I’m just sayin’. I mean, it’s all of my own volition. I’m the one driving this thing (into the ground). And it beats having nothing to do. But when one looks at one’s calendar to find just one free night in New York City between now and mid October, well… shit’s gotten just a little bit wack.

F it. I’m going to sleep.

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