Bedshaped, Part II

Coming to you from high atop the Mighty Viacom Building located in beautiful Midtwon Manhattan, Terror Capital of The World, I bring you a brief (and boring) account of yesterday’s news…

630-900: Sleep, no dreams
1000-1800: Work, no dreams
1830-2030: Cockfight rehearsal
2100-2300: Dinner & DVD (pizza, el Presidente, ‘Crimson Tide’)
2300-700: Sleep, no dreams

I’m well rested, my jaw is sore (Doc says I’m grinding my teeth at night due to stress), but I’m back working for The Man twenty-nine stories above Dirty Bomb Central where the sun never shines and the sirens alwasy wail. And I have eight meetings scheduled over the course of the next eight hours.


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