The Only Living Boy In New York

Dude, I got it. We’ll play a rock show, drink a bunch of PBR, take a wicked long cab ride home from Brooklyn at three in the morning and then — check this out, this is where it gets good — we’ll go to the dentist at 8:00 a.m.!!! F’in’ genius, Wagner. I’m in!

Note to self: Don’t have a heart attack from riding 200 miles in three days, then doing nothing for five, then running 18 miles in one morning, then doing nothing for five.

Note to self: Cancel that solo show in October. Mom says you’re trying to do too much. “What would Tich Na han do, honey?” Plus, it’ll build better anticipation for the new records not to perform too often. And you should spend more time surfing and scuba diving anyway.

Note to self: Advil. More Advil.

Note to self: That intern gathering after work tonight? Skip it.

Note to self: Wearing sunglasses indoors is ok, wearing sunglasses indoors is ok, wearing sunglasses indoors is ok…

Yeah, so, anyway… The Family is en fuego. You missed some fun in BK last night. Come to Great Lakes on Tuesday and live it for yourself.

Whatever you do, live it. For yourself. Whatever that means. Whatever that means to you. Like, right now.

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