Are You In Or Are You Out?

I sorted 42 pounds of laundry into three heaping bags this morning, and hauled it to the Second Wave Laundromat on the corner of 55th & Ninth. It’s the first step in a massive existential house cleaning operation to gear up for what promises to be my biggest Q4 ever.

In the simplest terms, and most convenient definitions, here’s the outline:

Aug. 23 – 29: Miami (Video Music Awards )
Sept. 4 – 11: Nantucket (Birthday)
Sept. 18 – 24: Los Angeles (Malibu Triathlon + MTV News L.A.)
Sept. 24 – Oct. 3: Australia (Vacation)
Oct. 8: Alphabet Lounge Performance
Oct, 17: Staten Island Half Marathon
Nov. 4: R.E.M. @ MSG
Nov. 7: New York City Marathon
Nov. 15: Album Releases
Nov. 19-26: Tour
Dec. 26 – Jan. 1: Eluthera (Family Holiday)

Yes, I buried the lede.

In addition to international travel, Smith Family gigs, various road races and triathlons, I plan on releasing not one, but two new records this fall.

The first, ‘The Christopher Street EP,’ is an 8-song, solo acoustic record. It’s mostly done, artwork and all. I’m trying to figure out how to release my novella, ‘Handshake Drugs & The Social Registry,’ concurrently, as their contents overlap. I may excerpt it in the liner notes, or self publish a book. Developing.

The second record will be 10-song, full band release. I expect to begin recording in the end of September. Many of the potential songs are available in demo versions in the new Morning Mix section of the site. I expect the recording to be primarily acoustic, with guest spots from my various band mates (Tony Macelli on bass, Todd Cohen on drums, Julia Kent on cello, Casey Shea on vocals and guitars). I’m shooting for less production, more immediacy, and a generally upbeat feel.

I’m working on releasing the records and kicking off the tour with an acoustic show in New York City, followed by a brief 8-city tour with Casey, and culminating with a full-band, full-rock show.

Then I’ll rest on a beach in the Bahamas with a frou frou drink in one hand, my guitar in the other, and start again.

Are you in?

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