Walking to the subway from Smith Family rehearsal last night, I thought had it all figured out. I’d pick up a Sapporo from the corner store, order in some sushi, and have a quiet night with the tele. Alas, it was not to be. It was to be an evening of leftovers.

Seems that in my efforts to lighten my load en route to rehearsal we have a show at Hank’s in Brooklyn tonight — you comin’?), I’d jettisoned my messenger bag and consolidated my essentials (a lightly-read copy of ‘Vanity Fair,’ my iPod, keys, wallet, and BWD, LLC folder) into my guitar case. Sadly, I discovered at 9:56, I’d left my cell phone at the office. No cell, no LAN line, no ordering in, no sushi.

End of the world, right?

Alas, my apartment is something of a bachelor pad. And so when I consulted the fridge for something, anything, to eat, there was little to satiate my hunger. The contents, in short: one half-full Brita pitcher, a chilled martini shaker filled with olive oil and rice vinegar, the remnants of a head of romaine lettuce, some carrots, and two frozen Bocca burgers. The meal: salad. And a Sapporo.


This afternoon, sneaking my Daily Journal update in during a late-afternoon lunch (Jamba Juice and a granola bar), I have some leftovers — delicious, random thoughts — for you, Dear Reader:

I’ve been thinking a lot about my next record. I’d like to put something out around November. Not because “my audience” is clamoring for it. Let’s be honest: I have no audience. I’m not discounting you, Dear Reader. But 200 hundred visitors a day a recording career do not make. The reason I want to make a new CD is purely creative. I love making records, and I have tons of new songs. For a minute there I was considering releasing the demos I recorded last winter as ‘The Christopher Street EP.’ And I still may. But I have all of these new songs, and more every day. So, I dunno’. I tried to build a poll last night to get your opinion, but al the free poll applications were lame.

A colleague called me recently on my decision to give away CDs to our summer interns. I consider it a ‘Johnny Appleseed’ move. That is, a freebie or two may get me a gig, some fans, and maybe some sales down the road. But I understand her annoyance at having paid ten bucks for it. And that she was annoyed had me kinda’ troubled. It occurred to me that I count on those who are closest to me, ie: my family and friends, to support this endeavor of mine. And maybe that’s unfair. Maybe that’s a lot to ask. Either way, you should know — since I ask a lot of you too — that I am grateful. You make it possible for me to keep doing this.

What else? Well, I recorded a cover of The Alarm’s ‘Rain In The Summertime’ this morning. You can download it and a bunch of other new songs over at The Morning Mix. If you haven’t discovered The Mix yet, it’s a new area of the site where I upload MP3s of new recordings. It’s good, free Benjamin Wagner fodder for your iPod.

The weekend approaches. I’m relishing the opportunity to execute the aforementioned fantasy: sushi, AC, TV. Odds are good for tomorrow night. The Smith Family performs again Saturday night (exhausting, right?). Other than that, I’m hoping to get in a good run (the Marathon is never far off), a good bike ride (I leave for Iowa next Wednesday for three 75+ mile days of riding), and to find a new watch to replace my recent loss. ‘Cuz man, I haven’t known what time it is for weeks.

Right now, though, it’s time for my Video Music Awards assignment meeting. This is when we green light projects and decide who’s going to be in Miami for the last week of August. It’ll be 9000 degrees, and 15-hour days, but I wanna’ go. You know me: I like the red carpet, I like the flashbulbs, and I like the action. It doesn’t hurt that I have the week after the VMAs off. Nantucket baby. Can’t hardly wait.

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