The Big Idea

And I thought I’d pretty much wasted the weekend. But that was before The Big Idea.

Come Saturday evening I didn’t have much to show for myself. Sure, I caught the midnight screening of ‘Spinal Tap’ (and realized just how many lines from the film I’ve integrated into my daily vocabulary). And sleeping in (10:17!) is something of an accomplishment in its own right. And yeah, I cleaned my apartment, floors and all. Oh, and I made some progress on a new song, ‘Live Forever.’ But other than that pedestrian stuff, I was pulling a pretty major Brian Wilson, beard and all.

Then, while browsing my iTunes library, came The Big Idea…

My next record is already done.

I recorded a half dozen songs at Kevin’s Studio in December. I figured they were just demos, stuff for me, reference. But listening back to them in some semblance of an imaginary track listing, I realized that I had a full-fledged EP on my hands. There is narrative there. The songs capture a time all their own: post Almost Home, pre whatever comes next. They’re all acoustic, and minimally produced, but they sounds terrific. So I started looking through my photos for some artwork. And before sunset, I had it done. And it looks great.

By way of context, I’m a pretty major supporter of the whole iTunes Music Store. I think it’s great that I can get an exclusive Rufus Wainwright EP there, some unreleased Ryan Adams tracks, and a special Guster live album. If I’m a fan, I don’t have to wait a year or two for some official label release. It’s the promise of the Internet: the removal of the middle man.

So … game on. Why spend thousands of dollars all over again when I have a perfectly good record in the can? Plus, the songs lend themselves to the solo acoustic thing, which if I tour at all, is the only way I’ll tour. (I will tour.)

Of course, I’ll tell you lots more in the coming months. But for now, look for a new, limited-run, 8-song EP from me on/around November 1. Then get yourself a box of wine, a six pack and some cheese: I’ll be dropping through a living room near yours soon.

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