You gotta’ love this town. It’s a quarter of ten on a weeknight, and the New York City Department of Transportation has, in its infinite wisdom, decided that it’s the perfect time to dispatch a fleet of bulldozers to rip up 56th Street.

So it’s a little loud outside. And being that it’s all of a sudden summer, and my windows are thrown wide, you’ll have to forgive me for not firing up Pro Tools and recording something new for ya’.

Eh, I can’t hear much anyway. My ears are ringing on account of another bombastic Cockfight rehearsal tonight. We truly sound like a band, which is slightly miraculous given our sad state of constantly jamming just a few weeks back. Now we’re a force to be reckoned with. Like molten lava racing down a mountainside, we ruin everything in our path. I can’t believe it — I actually sound like a drummer. I broke a brand-new f’in’ stick clean in half tonight! I can’t wait to record the stuff and release a little EP. I like to call it ‘Thunder Music.’ We’ll see if it sticks.

Anyway, what to say of this Thursday? It began in the dentist’s chair, again. I know what you’re thinking, Dear Reader, ‘What is it with this guy and the dentist?’ Well, long story short, I’d been dealing with massive orthodontia years prior to this massive, blunt head trauma, which only made matters worse. All that plus spending my twenties in denial that I had to visit a dentist or a doctor ever again… well, you get the idea.

Yeah, so the dentist hurt, again. Dr. Mansky was installing a new crown right on top of where the fracture is/was. No amount of Advil seems to do the trick, but I expect that, like all things, the pain’ll fade with time.

Anyway, then it was downtown to work where, well, you know what happens there. Then Cockfight rehearsal. Then more shopping for a sport coat. I didn’t have much luck, as it was gettin’ on 9pm and places were closing. I’m in the market for a crisp tan summer weight jacket, you know, something to throw over everything like I’m want to do. So, back to that tomorrow after work, before going to sleep in anticipation of the Brooklyn Half Marathon, the trip to Boston, my show and all.

Damn, I’m yawnin’ just typin’ about it all. So… heck, I’m turnin’ on the
AC to white out the noise, guzzlin’ some Gatorade (better to hydrate with, my dear), and turnin’ in. Hope you’re well, wherever you are. And I hope you put May 20th on your calendar…


Wait a sec, p.s. I just realized in my proofreading that I didn’t say anything about what I was feeling today, only what I was doing. So in the interest in full disclosure, and a comprehensive portrait of my present tense: I’m feeling happy, and hopeful, and full of life. Which is a pretty good way to end a post.

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