Open, Centered

Because watching yet another white guy strum his acoustic guitar is pretty much played out, I’ve got a really cool show planned for Thursday, May 20th. Do mark your calendar.

I’ve rented a performance space at the very hip, very new age, exposed brick and hardwood floored holistic space at The Open Center on Spring and Broadway. I’ve asked two terrific singer/songwriters to open. Recent New York transplant Casey Shea’s record, ‘Teller,’ is one of the few independent releases that actually gets airtime on my iPod. And Shivery Delicious’ blog keeps me in stitches (and Fish reports that she’s an amazing singer, which I have no doubt is the case). They’re each doing 25-minute solo sets.

Then I’ll be performing for roughly an hour with cellist Julia Kent and Todd Cohen, both of whom grace my previous releases, ‘Crash Site,’ and ‘Almost Home.’ And my brother’s going to be working a projector loaded with cool, nonlinear slides and movies. It’s going to be a wine and cheese, BYOB affair, with candles, pillows, and a skylight overhead. Very chill. I’ve asked Casey if I can sing with him on one of his songs that I love, “To Lose A Friend,” and hope Shiv will join me for a song or two. all of which is exciting.

So while last night’s warm breeze has yielded to a brisk, cool wind of the Atlantic, and the city is crowned with low clouds — it feels like Santa Monica outside, only colder — it’s kinda’ nice. The days are longer. The trees have leaves. And even if the summer wind has faded for the moment, I know it’s just around the corner.

Count on it.

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