There’s nothing like a turkey burger deluxe with cheddar cheese — mustard on the side, extra pickle — to finish a Friday.

I started the day with a quick loop around Central Park on the bike. The sky was blue, the dafodils were out, and the trees were beginning to bloom. It was promising.

My Outlook calendar was meetingless most of the day, so I focussed on some wireframes, which I submitted before close of business. Mostly, though, I surfed the iTunes Music Store where I stocked up on what I call my MTV2 Playlist (see right column).

I rocked my MTV2 Playlist out on the W to 23d Street where Shinola, or The Smith Family Players, or The Haystack Family, or whatever we’re called today, was rehearsing. We’re now six musicians strong, including a female drummer named Wren who is adorable and plays really well. We’re coming together pretty well, and should be ready for what is now our May 29 show in Brooklyn. Which is where, for the record, everyone in the band lives. Except me.

So it’s Easter Weekend, which doesn’t mean much for me except that Ethan will be on the receiving end of at least one plush bunnny, and some of the family is going out Sunday night. Mostly, though, I’m looking forward to the spring sunshine, to sime time on the bike, and running. Lord knows I can use it.

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