Pleased To Meet Me

So, Fish links to me and my traffic doubles. I see how it works in the blogosphere: sleep your way to the top.

I kid, of course. Young Fish, new to Our Fair City, the Crossroads of Civilization, fresh from quaint and provincial Beantown, rests comfortably on my Craftmatic Adjustable Futon as we speak, er, type.

So, to the 50% of you who are new to this ten-year-old but minimally trafficked website of mine, welcome! What’s the back story? In short:

I am a 32-year-old Hell’s Kitchen-based singer/songwriter seeking an audience, and a little bit of understanding.

I have records for sale. They’re good, trust me. Especially my most recent ‘Almost Home.’
I work for MTV News, but the confidentiality clause in my contract precludes me from dishing on, say, Justin and such.

I moved to New York City nearly ten years ago to be (in this order) a rock star and a freelance writer.

Does this blog count?

I have an older brother, Christofer, who lives Uptown. He’s married to a lovely woman, Jennifer, and has a son Ethan, who is without fail the most intelligent, handsome, and most awesomest 9-month-old ever.

Unlike most men, I do not follow football, baseball, or any team sports. And unlike most men, I do actually participate in sporting events: running, riding, swimming. Though I’m not so big into training for said events.

So what’s new, you ask, after the recap? Well… I booked a show today for either Cockfight of Smackass, depending on who’s ready first. What’s Smackass, you ask? My third side project, I answer. See, despite almost a year of sporadic rehearsals, it would appear that the Big Rock Side Project for whom I play drums, Cockfight, is not ready for prime time.

So, last night, I decided I’d put together a new Big Rock Side Project, Smackass, write a bunch of Big Rock Side Project songs, and get the whole thing ready for May 21 (which is the date a buddy of mine who manages a band called Afroskull offered me). Why not perform my stuff, you ask? Too sensitive singer/songwriter-ish. So, Big Rock Side Project it is. My side project. Smackass. It’s what my brother used to call me before he kicked my butt. So, I guess I have to write some songs. And oh yeah, find a bass player and drummer. Boys need not apply.

I guess that’s the big news, the stuff I can tell you, anyway. I mean, you wouldn’t want any dish on your average MTV News meeting anywho. So, sleep well. Know I’m thinkin’ of you. And remember: everything looks better with the daylight creeping in.

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