Random Notes, Volume XIV

I am on my third bowl of ice cream. Ends up I took twelfth place in my division at yesterday’s race. So I figure I earned it. That’s about all there is to report. Well, maybe not…

I keep getting a zit in the same place on my chin. I’m 32-years-old. This should not be happening. I’m using Nutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion with Alpha Hydroxy. Hope it works. I’m tired of people not looking me in the eyes.

Also, Kevin booked a show for the country band — we’re still, apparently, debating calling ourselves The Smith Family Players (my idea) or Shinola (Nick’s) — for April 22 at Yabe in Brooklyn. You won’t wanna’ miss that one.

And Cockfight was offered a gig in May. Question is: will Cockfight be ready? Since I’m the drummer and have approximately two different drum parts, I can assure you that I’ll be ready.

Then I’ll be playing a full-band acoustic show in June.

Work is insane. Which I realize I’ve said before. But I really mean it this time. The movie area we’ve been lobbying for and slowly working towards for nearly five years finally got a green light last (f’ing) week. And of course it’s gotta’ be live by the MTV Movie Awards on June 1. Plus we’re continuing our slow, steady march towards broadband. Plus all the other stuff. It’s nuts. But I like it. Except that I need an eye exam, to do laundry, to get a new suit, and all this tiny little mundane life stuff that’s getting pre-empted. You know: life’s what happens when you’re busy planning, or something like that.

So… whatcha’ gonna’ do? Have another bowl of ice cream, go to sleep, have some dreams, wake up, drink some coffee, and do it all over again.

Oh, p.s., I was IMing with a buddy of mine from high school today. His name’s Eric Drotter. He’s now a photographer in San Diego. Anyway, he was askin’ me about Perry Ferrell and Jane’s Addiction and we were just rappin’ a bit and somehow — I swear it was in context — he said something about how he’d vote for me again if I ran for president. He seemed to recall me winning a student council election in high school that I lost. He even remembered some of the details of my speech, but he didn’t remember that I’d lost. Which I found funny because, of course, losing was a big deal at the time. But he didn’t remember it at all. Which I thought says something about how important things are over time. Not very, I guess.

And p.p.s. I was wicked excited to see that I’d sold six copies of ‘Almost Home’ in one fell-swoop tonight… until I saw that the it was my father who did the buying. I mean, thanks dad, but surely there’s someone out there amongst you, Dear Readers, who has not yet enjoyed a quiet evening of beer, ice cream, and me, right? Own one for yourself. For me. Pretty please?

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