The highlight of my day came early today in the form of three random emails…

The first came from Sonya:

“I have no idea how I stumbled upon
your site … one minute I was eating peanuts in their shell and those
crunchy banana chip things (mixed together make a delicious snack I
might add!) … and the next thing I am on this Benjamin Wagner
blog … which I hasten to add after several glasses of Shiraz (thank you
Trader Joe!) I decided to maneuver the mouse over the E-mail me section
AND aren’t you glad I did ~chuckle~!”

The second came from Dani:

“I checked out your site the other day, after seeing you linked on a bunch of blogs I read, and wish I’d clicked through sooner. Great writing.

Anyway, given that I had a spare ten minutes between meetings, I downloaded
a couple of your songs to listen to. I though you’d appreciate knowing that
I actually stopped typing mid-sentence while I was listening to “New York”
It gave me goosebumps. And really, you can’t ask much more of a song, can

The third came from long-time family friend Jackie Kenny:

“Meanwhile — I love you — and I’m cheering for you. Your words on your web site mean lots to me.”

As you, Dear Reader, know, mine is a comment-less site. Primarily because it isn’t a proper weblog: I hand tag this puppy because, as I’ve noted previously, I was posting Daily Journal entries long before I knew of the Blogger movement, long before I knew of Type Pad or Moveable Type. So the fact that someone took a second to “maneuver the mouse over the E-mail me section” means a whole bunch.

So thank you.

It’s nice to know I’m not a tree falling in an empty forest.

And it’s nice to know that, somewhere on high, Mr. Rogers is smiling down on me. Apparently, I’m spreading the message, one post at a time.

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