I have a yellow file folder in my bag that says “TO DO” in big, black Sharpie letters, as not to be confused with the purple on that says “GRAMMY ’04” or the green one that reads “BWD, LLC.” Its very existence makes me laugh. But don’t take my word for it. Have a look for yourself…

Chase electronic banking paperwork
Four Zagat Online print outs to places I never went (Tomoe Sushi, Pearl Oyster Bar, Aquagrill, Annisa)
$6573.81 Citibank Click-to-Pay confirmation
2004 Nantucket Film Festival application
$90 JB Duetsch, Inc, web hosting invoice (paid) timeline
Solomon Smith Barney electronic account information
Non-stabalized renewal lease form
NTI Tension Suppression System consent form
$750 receipt, Marvin Mansky, DDS
AT&T Wireless bill (unopened)
Verizon bill (unopened)
Handwritten lyrics/chords to three new songs (all written in the creative era known internally as The Hopeful Period): The Day Before, Beholden, Untitled No. 1

Such pedestrian material only confirms my realization tonight that I have become a demographic. I have become my niche… market away.

32-year-old Caucasian male
Rents apartment
Banks online
Reads NY Times
Watches NetFlix
Listens (and donates) to NPR
Downloads iTunes
Shops at local organic market
Independently releases CDs
Purchases movie tickets online
Arrives at theater early for perfect seat

I’m that guy. I’m that 32-year-old Caucasian male who rents his apartment, banks online, reads The New York Times, watches NetFlix, listens (and donates) to NPR, downloads iTunes, shops at the local organic market, independently releases CDs, blogs, purchases movie tickets online, and arrives at the theater early to get the perfect seat.

Where’s the rock-n-roll in all that? Eh, who cares.

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