Random Notes, Volume XXIV

Fish tells me that she lost her moorings yesterday without a Daily Journal update. So here goes, Random Notes Volume XXIV:

I’m going to record an Internet-only, downloadable EP this weekend, if I can get Pro Tools installed (my laptop is officially owned by Viacom, so I don’t have admin rights). I’m going to write and record everything Fri-Sun, and call it ‘The Lost Weekend.’

I bought the Ben Affleck ‘Rolling Stone’ tonight and read the cover story over dinner (Weight Watchers Oriental Chicken, Happy Herbert Pretzels, Newcastle Brown Ale). How can you not like the guy? He works with Kevin Smith. He’s done rehab. He’s a handsome, talented guy who’s had some good breaks. Sue him.

I’m listening to Fiona Apple’s ‘Tidal’ right now. Sue me.

I’m running a half marathon with my brother this weekend for which I’m completely unprepared. It’s the kick-off for a season of athletic events for which I’m completely unprepared:

March 28 – March Madness Biathlon
April 10 – Brooklyn Half Marathon
May 15 – Queens Half Marathon
June 6 – Cape May Biathlon
June 27 – NYC Triathlon
June 11 – Bronxe Half Marathon
July 18 – Montauk Triathlon
July 25-31 – Des Moines Register Great Ride Across Iowa
August 29 – Manhattan Half Marathon
September 5 – Mr. Rogers Memorial Madaket Triathlon
September 19 – Malibu Triathlon
September 26 – NYC Marathon Tune Up (18M)
October 3 – Greta’s Great Gallop (13M)
October 17 – Staten Island Half Marathon
November 7 – NYC Marathon

I’m listening to Nick Drake’s ‘Way To Blue’ now.

I have subscriptions to Esquire, Men’s Journal, Runner’s World, National Geographic’s Traveller, and Iowan magazines, all of which are gifts (most of which from my father).

I’m getting roughly two grand back from the IRS. Which ought to about cover my recent dental work.

Um… what else. Work’s fine. I’m excited for spring. I’m excited for ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.’ I’m excited to go to sleep. I feel thick and lazy. I just realized on the fire escape listening to Nada Surf that I’m still a little angry at the woman I last dated. Um… I think I’ll go to bed now.


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