Kickin’ It

Yeah, that was me in line at the bank, grinning and rockin’ out to The Vines on my iPod. That was me talking about my teeth (“Would you like some candy with your movie?” she asked) at Blockbuster. That was me tellin’ the checkout girl at D’Agastino’s what a long day it had been. Yeah, that was me.

If you were a stranger — a bank teller, or Blockbuster clerk, or checkout girl, for example — you might think I was a pretty chatty, generally happy kinda’ guy. And you know what? You’d be generally right. I mean, shit, recent heartbreaks not-with-standing, I am a generally happy kinda’ guy. I mean, what’s there to complain about?

Which isn’t to say that I’m here to fill my Daily Journal with platitudes and ‘Yeah I’m happy” bologne. I’m human. I had my moments today: some up, some down. But generally speaking, taken on a curve, March 4, 2004, was a good one.

It’s starting to feel like spring in NYC. I walked to work in a sweater and a sportcoat.

I had my annual review. It was overwhelmingly positive. When looking towards the future, my supervisor used phrases like “Executive Producer.” Not a promotion yet, but… Hell yeah!

I finished up initial design on a proposal for MTV’s future movie area. Which I’ll produce.

I spoke with my boss about spending more time in California to manage aformentioned movie area.

I watched the ‘E! True Hollywood Story: Dukes of Hazard’ WHILE I WAS WORKING!

And I came home to a clean, quiet apartment with pizza in the oven, a six pack in the fridge, and a DVD in the player.

I mean, what on earth do I have to complain about? Why on earth wouldn’t I be at least generally happy? Sheesh, some people — a bank teller, or Blockbuster clerk, or checkout girl, for example — might even say I was kickin’ it.

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