Shooting Star

I can’t be certain because I was alone on the beach, but I’m pretty sure I saw a shooting star just now.

One is rarely certain of such sightings. They’re fleeting, and often occur when you’re not looking for them. Then you try and see another, but rarely do. Things are like that some time. The harder you look, the less you see. The less you look, the more you see.

I’m in Naples, Florida, just a few feet off the Gulf Coast. The sound of waves is coming through the open windows. A cool breeze is blowing through the palms. I must say, I’m pretty relaxed, and was surprised to remember that I just got to The Sunshine State yesterday. Lemme’ ammend that: while I arrived in Florida yesterday, it took a while longer to arrive in The Sunshine State.

I’m here now: fresh from a beatuiful run around Tampa Bay, full of food and drink, flush from new friends and much laughter.

I’d tell you more if I weren’t so damned tired. I’d tell you about last night’s Livingroom Tour stop at Jessica’s in St. Petersburg. Or this morning’s run and brunch with Rachel and Wayne. Or this evening’s delicious and hilarious dinner with my aunt, uncle and friends.

But alas, I’m too tired, too satiated. So meanwhile, have a look at some pics. Just don’t look to closely; you may not see anything at all.

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