Faithfully Yours

Yesterday I tackled belief. Today I tackle faith. What’s the difference?

Sheesh, I’m not exactly sure I know anything about anything right now. All I know of belief is what I believe in. And I’m not sure why I believe in what I believe in, I just do.

But faith? Well…

I went to see ‘The Passion of The Christ’ after work with some colleagues. The film prompted a long and, well, passionate discussion on these very topics.

Which is a good thing.

I’ll tell you this straight off: whether Jesus is the Son of God, a notable prophet, some cool dude in history, or solely a mythical character, his story is a powerful one. Forget the anti-Semitism debate a minute (if you can), I’m talking about the concept of letting go of all that you can know on this earth, relinquishing all that you can see, touch, and feel as real and factual, in favor of something higher, something greater, something invisible.

Well, that’s faith. And to me, that takes all kinds of courage.

Faith in God, faith in love, faith in the mechanical reliability of an airplane… whatever. Letting go, acknowledging that you’re powerless to something greater — man, it’s the most difficult, most courageous act there is.

So… see you in the sunshine… faithfully yours.

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