Cut The Shit

Ok, this is me cutting the shit. Enough melancholy for a while. Enough of the cryptic, heartbreaking posts. I’ll give you the skinny, then we’ll return to our regularly scheduled rocknroll programming…

Yes, yesterday I was in a relationship. No, today I’m not.

Letting go? Not easy. Not at all. That’s that. I remain hopeful. Primarily because I have no choice but to remain hopeful.

So.. now then… rock-n-roll. Want the update? Here it is:

Benjamin Wagner: My March 9 Mercury Lounge show is canceled, their gaffe. I’m working on an April 17th show at a place called The Open Center on Spring Street. It’s a holistic center. I’m going to rent the space (it holds 100+) from 7-10 on a Saturday night, get a bunch of wine, and ask Leslie (acoustic), Kevin (piano), Julia (cello), Tony (bass), and Rosa (drums) to perform with me. We’ll play an hour plus set, and it should be pretty neat. Like a livingroom tour show, but here in NYC. I’ll keep ya’ posted.

Speaking of living rooms, I’m performing solo acoustic in St. Petersburg, FL, this Friday night. Lemme’ know if you’ll be in the ‘hood. I’m going to play ‘Go Back To Sleep’ for her, and ‘Anna’s Lost Her Mind’ for me.

Cockfight: We rehearsed for the third time in ten days tonight, and my ears are still ringing. We may be onto something. There are actual glimmers of greatness. Primarily in my drumming, of course.

Kevin Anthony: I began engineering his record on Saturday. He’s got a bunch of singer/songwriter material that’s been collecting dust for years. We did basic and secondary guitars on three tunes. He lays down overdubs effortlessly.

The Country Project: We rehearsed a second time on Saturday. We’re lining up tunes by Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, and the like. Kev’s playin mandolin and fiddle, and I’m on acoustic. We’re going to add some female vocals, and maybe an upright bass. Pretty cool.

So as Kevin — Mr. Electronica — moves towards acoustic music, and Robert (my Cockfight bandmate) goes Sabbath, I’m all about the samples and beats and such. I’ve been listening to Massive Attack, Air, The Postal Service, Lamb, etc etc almost non-stop. I crave the groove.

That’s the update. As I mentioned, I’m off to Florida Friday morning. I’m looking forward to driving on interstates and listening to music really loudly. I’m looking forward to not wearing five layers every time I go outside. I’m looking forward to doing nothing in the sunshine. And I’m looking forward to meeting new people.

So… now you know everything. Almost everything, anyway.

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