The Most Melancholy Playlist Ever

I believe that I have constructed the most melancholy iPod playlist ever…

The Blower’s Daughter – Damien Rice
Needle In The Hay – Elliot Smith
Fire & Rain – James Taylor
Until you Break – Matthew Sweet
Love Town – Peter Gabriel
The Tower Of Learning – Rufus Wainwright
Birth Of Words – The Samples

I constructed it over three McSorely Ales at Corner Bistro. I’d expected it to carry me all the way back to Hell’s Kitchen, but instead it has carried me to a Starbuck’s on the corner of Sixth Avenue & Christopher Street where my favorite barista is without makeup tonight. Here is sit, grande hot chocolate in hand, sending my Daily Journal entry to you through the ethers…

I am fresh from a screening of ‘My Architect,’ a highly-personal documentary in which the director, Nathaniel Kahn, plunges into the emotional and architectural legacy of his father, famed architect Louis I. Kahn. Just a few hours shy of the anniversary of Mr. Roger’s passing, I view it as a template for the film I hope to someday make.

It’s a cinematic memoire. Nathaniel traverses the country and the world in search of those hwo knew his father better than he — which is many people. It’s pacing is patient, it’s tone is revernt and substantive, and it’s objective is integration. We always end where we begin. Or as Louis I. Kahn himself said,

“When we speak of what was, we speak of now. When we speak of what is, we speak of what is now. When we speak of what will be, we speak of now. For we are always beginning.”

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