Note To Self: Eat

Note to self: eat dinner before going out.

I am just in from Monday Night Social Club at HiFi. It’s kind of a music/journo, cheap-booze gathering at the venue formerly-known-as-Brownie’s (I played there one Tuesday in 1998 or so and thought that — despite the paltry crowd of 19 or so — I had made it).

Anyway, I didn’t eat a thing before hand, and got buzzed easily, so when I got home just now, I reached into the fridge to find… er… salad and, um, orange juice. Ugh. Where’s the leftover good stuff — Whatever it is!?! Casserole or nachos or pizza or whatever. All I have leftover is a smeared happy face on the back of my hand…

Which, come to think of it, ain’t so bad.

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