How Quickly Things Turn

I ran this morning. I drank a health shake for breakfast, then took two One-A-Days, two zinc, two B-12, and two Advil with my Starbucks.

Over the course of my meeting-strewn day, I ate two apples, two bananas, and a salad (low-fat balsamic vinaigrette). All sounds healthy, right? Still, I have two doctor’s appointments in the morning.

Not to be paranoid, or pessimistic, but I was watching Howard Dean and his wife with Diane Sawyer tonight thinking, ‘Yunno’ what? He jumped the shark. That whole whooping and hollering thing? That’s where he blew the race.’

And I’m reminded, once again, of how quickly things can turn. As my pal Jamie says, “Worlds change in the belly of an insect.” And they do. The smallest, briefest moment of indiscretion, or inattention, or any such variable and — poof! — it’s all gone, everything’s changed.

So live it up, people.

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