I Want A TV Embrace

Here’s the problem with being a musician: you’re always wanting to make new records. Thing is, unless your at least Ryan Adams, a) you don’t have the budget and b) your audience doesn’t have the interest.

Or perhaps you’d like to single-handedly finance my next record?

See, I’m back on the iPod kick, and have been discovering all kinds of great new songs. I’m especially enamored with Ben Lee’s “Cigarettes Will Kill You” and George Michael’s “Freedom 90,” primarily because they have sick loops and are crazy danceable, but also because they seamlessly blend acoustic pop, piano, and hip hop. So, of course, I wanna’ get into the studio and work with some loops and such. I wanna’ make a record that makes you wanna’ move — HAVE to move — and also moves you. Yunno’? Oh, and I listened to the remixed ‘Let It Be,’ which is pretty excellent without all of Phil Spector’s production. So I also wanna’ rip off “Two Of Us,” which finds John and Paul in perfect harmony.

I wanna’ do a record called ‘Dusk To Dawn’ that basically starts with tunes you’d warm up with before going out, then tunes you’d dance to when you’re out, then some big, dumb wasted tunes, then some hangover, sun-coming-up tunes. The full spectrum of emotion and sound. That plus my lullaby record, my greatest hit record, my all-acoustic record…

But. But, but, but. I ain’t gettin’ any younger. I’d like to actually own some shit before I die. You know, like a house or something? I’d like some dough in the bank in the event I ever wanna’ go do something rash like get married, or have a kid. You hear what I’m sayin’? Life kinda’ gets in the way.

‘Cuz records ain’t free. ‘Almost Home’ was my wisest expenditure at some $3000+ (not including t-shirts, touring, etc etc). And it’s difficult to get much cheaper. I could make a few less copies. I could skimp (or skip) artwork. But who really wants that? I want my records to get bigger, better, deeper, not become half-assed sell outs.

So… what to do, what to do…

Well, for one, I emailed singer/songwriter extraordinaire Leslie this afternoon, and will call producer/multi-instrumentalist Kevin Anthony tomorrow. What I’d really like to do is collaborate with them, not do another solo thing. I also emailed Johnny B at The Mercury Lounge today and asked him if I could play every Tuesday in March. Longshot. I also started in on my oft-promised (to myself) novel. I wish I could share the title and premise, ‘cuz it’s great. But I’ll share when it’s done. If it gets done. And I’m putting a polish on my screenplay, ‘Mo Hart,’ in order to enter it into competition for The Nantucket Film Festival. Which also happens to be where I hope to debut my documentary, ‘Mr. Rogers & Me’. I sent a letter to Mrs. Rogers today asking for her help — cross your fingers.

So I guess I answered my own question Carrie Bradhsaw-style, as I often do, here in The Daily Journal. Thanks for listening.

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