Whole Lotta’ Hibernation Going On

I want to tell you something provocative, substantive, revealing — anything really. But the truth is, there’s just a whole lotta’ hibernation going on here.

Yes, there’s a heat wave this morning. It’s 22 degrees (out of the wind). Didi I go running? No way. I got coffee, a coupla’ thank you notes at the CVS, and pointed my chilly ass towards home. I’m spending this three day weekend in bed, in front of the DVD player, resting and watching documentaries. Pretty rocknroll, huh?

Speaking of rocknroll, those of you who pre-ordered my new CD, Almost Home, don’t despair: your 16-song bonus disc will be in the mail on Tuesday. It’s handmade, and has great rarities and a few new tracks and for the love of God, while I’ve been lame about getting to the post office, I haven’t forgotten my commitment to you. Think of it as a Valentine’s Day gift from me.

And speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’m waiting to hear back from Johnny B at The Mercury Lounge re: a potential Friday The Thirteenth performance there. That’d be the Next Big Thing. Which I need, because a) I thrive on goals and b) the radio silence (literally and figuratively) regarding Almost Home is a little tough to take, particularly after a month of touring and hyping the record (which I’m very proud of and encourage you to order if you haven’t already, and if you have, how about ordering up a copy for a friend?).

I’ll keep you posted…

Meanwhile, just three weeks into the New Year, work is already a bear. We’re gearing up for the launch of MTV’s Choose or Lose site on February 1, the Grammy Awards on February 8, and a bunch of other projects on top of an already crowded news cycle: Britney, Jacko, R. Kelly, etc etc etc. All of which — especially the Jacko arraignment circus yesterday — has me nearly in tears over the sad state of American Celebrity Culture.

So that’s it in a nutshell: Us Magazine coverage on the site, the waiting game on Benjamin Wagner Deluxe, LLC (my incorporated name), and absolutely nothing in theaters to break the monotony. Hey, it’s the dead of winter. Rest and relaxation it is.

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