“Almost Home” Release Party

I’ve heard it said “Home is where the heart is.” I’ve heard it said that “Home is where your storytelling begins.” For me, home is wherever you are.

I am alone in my Hell’s Kitchen apartment. There are three half-packed suitcases strewn around my bedroom. The sink is full of dirty dishes. The fridge is empty. But I am home. Finally. And oooooh so tired.

Last night’s Sin-e performance was my favorite ever. There were smiles all around. The sound man, John, actually asked for a copy of my CD. That NEVER happens. Frankly, I was a little surprised how well we all performed together. I was certainly anxious. Monday’s rehearsal was a bit rough, and I sweat the details even when completely prepared. But man, the show was just so terrific, so big, so pure. The harmonies were spot on, Jason nailed the solos — there was a joyous intensity between all of us. It was music for the reasons it should be: emotional clear, simple.

Eh, I’m not making any sense.

Know this: if I were to die tomorrow, I would be fine with this record, this tour, as my legacy. Which is not to say I don’t have much more to do, more to say — heck, I have a new CD half written. You know how everyone says “The journey is the destination” or “Getting there takes all the time”? Well, for a second there, I was there. For just one second. Just once in a lifetime. (Then it slips away.)

So, heck, that ain’t so bad. And we had a hell of a time at the Parkside Lounge after party. I don’t remember much: political debates with Bruce, salsa dancing with Heather and Sara, me on the CD player, The Pixies, The Brooklyn Gang, me in a baby seat in the snow… lotsa’ fun. We closed the place down. I got home at 5, cooked some eggs and microwaved some vegetables, blogged, then fell into bed. I slept ’til 9, the dragged my ass to work. Which was pretty fuckin’ painful. But nice.

So, 24 hours later is the ‘Come Back Down.’ 24 hours later is “What next?” And I’m not quite sure. I’m pretty tired. So bedtime is about all I can plan at the moment. And that time has come…

Sweet dreams.

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