Indianapolis “Livingroom Tour” Report

I’m in Cleveland. I have more than 400 miles to cover before rehearsal in NYC, and less than twelve hours to do so. So forgive me my brevity…

Indianapolis was great. Many in attendance have known me my whole life. And it was difficult not to crack up every time I looked at John Larkin — he’s hip to my every stage trick. He, Joe and I went out drinkin’ downtown afterwards, which probably wasn’t the best idea given that I ended up with four hours of sleep. But it sure was fun.

So I had to cover some 320+ miles to get to Cleveland yesterday, including a 20 mile sprint through what I’ve come to call “sniper alley.” I saw more cops in that twenty minutes than I’ve seen on the entire tour. And lived to tell. But barely…

I started dozing off on the road yesterday, which was a bit of a freakout. My head fell forward, and I veered over the yellow lines. Something jolted me awake, and my endorphins surged long enough to get me to a rest stop. I had to venture into the whole Red Bull/Amp/EMX energy drink world. Which, on top of coffee, found me crawling up Becky’s steps a few hours later fully and completely nauseous and strung out. But I made it, and that’s the point.

And I woke again by show time. Guests arrived 15 minutes after I peeled myself off the floor. I showered, had a few beers, and got to it. And once I was playin’, and everyone was singin’ and smilin’, my exhaustion slipped away. The well was full again. And it remains so.

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