New York “Livingroom Tour” Report

The 2003 Benjamin Wagner Livingroom Tour has begun. I will be the Johnny Appleseed of acoustic pop, rockin’ the folk from coast to coast. As long as I end up back here, back home with you.

If last night is any indication, I’m in for three weeks of mad fun, followed by three weeks of massive hangover.

I was late getting home from work — damn you Michael Jackson! The fact that I managed to leave work on the evening of one of our biggest stories of all time is kinda’ miraculous. I basically pledged to be available at a moment’s notice from the road, which is kind of absurd, but that’s whatcha’ get when you Director.

So I made it home, Jonathan Goldner en tow (carrying the new BW tshirts and martini glasses that my dad’s wife sent — thanks Madonna! They worked TOO well!). On guest was already here waiting on the steps (sorry Gigi!), and I know now that at least one other friend (sorry Jason!) had arrived and departed already. So it was a party. Everyone who helped make the record and/or its peripheral ephemera (nice combo, huh?) was here, including my Cockfight bandmates. And, of course, my handsome nephew Ethan, who was the real star of the show.

The most poignant and meaningful moment for me came just after Kev, Leslie and I played a few songs from the record. I was playing “New York’ alone, and Chris and Ethan were seated at my feet. And little Ethan, who had been a little grumpy, fell still, wide-eyed, and completely focussed for three minutes. And you know what? Moments like that are more than enough for me. They’re why I’m here. And why I’m coming home soon.

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