I Still Love You, New York

I dunno’ if I ever said so outright, but I’d given up on The Music for a minute there. But I’m here to tell you — he said, genuflecting — I believe again. I believe.

Yeah, last year was tough. I’d been striving towards a record deal so long, and in such proximity to that whole MTV pop world, that I’d gotten pretty burned out. I didn’t believe in the power of a good song anymore. It just didn’t move me anymore. I wasn’t a Walkman addict anymore. I hadn’t found any great new band. What’s changed? Making a record with Kevin? Not performing for a year? The new Ryan Adams’ record? The new Rufus Wainright record (which is so good I almost don’t want to release Almost Home)?


I love music again. I feel it again. It makes me smile and dance and twirl around the livingroom again. Something’s always playing again: Dave Matthews, Rufus, REM, Ryan Adams — whatever. New songs have been coming fast and furious (“Whirlwind, ” “The Rest Of My Life,” “These Wishes”). In fact, I’m recording them tomorrow night for the super-secret bonus website.

Thanks to Kevin and Tony, both of whom I came to performing with at different times and for different reasons, I have a musical community again. It’s been a long time. It’s fun … again …. finally.

Band rehearsal tonight — after a rough start that saw me 15 minutes late, and Jason even later — was spot on. But by the end of the night we had it goin’ on. There are six people playing MY SONGS. And it works! Wack. Leslie singing vocals!?! Kills. Kevin on keys? Amazing. Jaosn playing lead? Blistering. And Tony and Todd, as always, holdin’ it down with authority and grace. So yeah, man, brace yourself for some big ass rock.

Oh, and after receiving my $1663.52 invoice for the new record (didja’?), I decided that if I could spend four grand for 10,000 of my songs, I could spend $300 for 10,000 of someone elses’ — so I got an iPod. SNAP! Ask me how loudly I’m crankin’ The Strokes and Ryan Adams and Rufus Wainright. Then ask me about walking home from the West Village at 8:00 this morning…

I still love you, New York.

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