Showered, Dressed, Sitting At Starbucks

It’s not even 8:00 yet and already I’m showered, dressed, out of the house, and sitting at Starbucks (woe is me for my support of Corporate America) on 54th & Eighth. My G*D: What’s come over me?

Aaaaaaah, “Tempted.” Remember that song? By Squeeze? Memories of parties in Betsy Walker’s back yard on high school half Wednesdays. I had one of those absurd “tails,” those Michael Stipe-esque braids down the back of my head (well in advance of my sensitive pony tail guy phase), and one drunked afternoon everyone thought it would be funny to pin me down and cut it off. They did. I cried. For a second. In retrospect, though, it was a blessing. Anyhow, ‘Singles 45 And Under’ was playin’ then, and it’s playing now on some Starbucks-sanctioned mix.

So yeah, I was sayin’ (before Squeeze, and before Carol King came on… aaaaah, Carol King), that all is quite well. I rose pretty quickly this morning, bolstered by recent memories of a great Monday (do those happen?), featuring Britney Spears out my office window, and a wonderful evening in the West Village.

Plus, of course, I have a ton to do. I need stamps for postcards (post office is closed for Veteran’s Day). I need statioinary (haven’t figured that one out yet; would construction paper be ok?). I need blank CDs (the band’s rehearsing Sunday night, and needs to hear the new tunes). And I need to get into the office to prep for my weekly with the boss. Remember? The day job? Yikes.

But, it’s 8:03, the medium mild’s gone, so I gotta’ get a refill, and I gotta’ get movin’ on. I hate to be the guy in the Starbucks tappin’ away at his PowerBook. Or do I? Well, either way, I’m outa’ here.

P.S. Remind me if I forget: I want to write a song around the word “Whirlwind.” What a great, evocative word, huh?

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