Total Eclipse Of The … Well, You Know

It’s 3 a.m. Que Sera Sera and Fish are in the hizza. And we are all bombed. which is fun.

BW: I’m wearing Fish’s pajamas.

FISH: drunk Fish. thank god for typing lessons in the 8th grade, and thank god for vodka. Sarah B and Benjamin have seen just how long my Luara Ingalls hair is and just how many lemon drops can drink. Sarah B might convert me to lesbianism and Benjamn might make me believe boys should wear pink.

SERA: Ben(jamin) is a doll and gave me virgin pants and a Mister Rogers shirt. Fish is ten hundred times better than her site and gave me lots of lip gloss. Tonight = black detatchable ****. Up next: the breakfast club. SB out.

BW: We saw the eclipse, an orange disc passing over the moon. We paused, and smiled. So lucky. So grateful that the moon brought us together.

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