Let It Rain

Sometimes you just wanna’ let the rain fall outside your window, you wanna’ turn up the Ryan Adams (ballads only, please), and drink as many beers as possible.

That ‘sometime’ is right now. Except that the rain’s stopped. And I’m listening to Damien Rice. Though I am drinking beer.

Nothing’s wrong. I mean, yeah, there’s that post-marathon let down. And that post-recording let down. But there’s still plenty to do, plenty to be excited about. I designed two t-shirts today, both of which are cool, and should be available here soon. And I ordered 100 1.25″ Almost Home buttons. And Kevin agreed to remix a song for the bonus website. And Leslie and I are rehearsing this weekend. And I just finished postcards for the Livingroom Tour. And I found myself thinking, ‘Hmmm, cool job’ at work today.

But, but, but… but, something’s missing. Something’s always missing. So tonight, tonight I just want rainy skies, slow ballads, candle light, and… and you. And you to keep me warm. What are you doing tonight?

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