Pre-Marathon Update

Because I’m kind of a nerd, and heck, this is what I do, I’m coming to you Sunday morning at 5:40 a.m. I start running in about four and a half hours.

I slept well from about 10-5. No weird dreams. Woke a little sore (I had a leg cramp all day yesterday), but expect to stretch everything out before I run. Overall I feel pretty confident, and pretty hopeful.

Of primary concern right now is whether I’ll start with my brother and his wife, or solo. With 30,000 runners to manage, the NYRRC has developed a fairly comprehensive plan for getting everyone on and off the Verrazano. It involves dividing us by number and color, and of course we’re all different numbers and colors. I’m pretty certain that I want to run this one completely solo (I ran 24/26ths solo last year), but I’m playing it by ear).

I’m hoping to see a lot of friends out on the course: Kevin & Monica, Ron, Jonathan, my cousins Brian and Roxane, Jen’s parents, and my mom. Should you be so inclined, I’m wearing my black wrap around Ray Bans, a long sleeved red and black Nike shirt, and black short tights (which aren’t as bad as they sound). Spectators mean a lot, though I have had a tendency to get a little too excited too early. This year I’m trying to keep slow and steady up and over the Queensboro Bridge (mile 16), then relish the final ten miles.

But like I wrote last night, all bets are off with a marathon. Four hours is a long time. Anything can happen, and probably will.

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