Wish Me Luck

It’s Friday night. I’m home, and am sure to be asleep within the hour. Of course, I have to run 26.2 miles on Sunday morning. Meanwhile, some quick notes:

I’m listening to the bonus disc of The Best of REM, In Time. It has a bunch of b-sides that probably even the most grave completist could live without. It’s a testimony to revision and editing. As in, how about another take, guys? Still, the acoustic version of ‘Pop Song 89’ was largely responsible for my learning guitar.

I picked up my race packet at the NYC Marathon Expo this afternoon during work. It’s where the excitement really begins to build, and you think, ‘Let’s just run this thing already!’

We got the DV cam back from Jason today, and I can confirm that, yes, indeed, we have Yoko Ono walking through one of last Sunday’s ‘New York’ music video shots. How New York is that?

For those of you who read last night’s post, work was better today. Remember high school? When something big happened and it felt like everyone was staring and talking about you? This was yesterday. But today was better.

I had dinner with my mom tonight. She just back from a pilgrimage across Spain. She brought me a really cool soccer jersey from Madrid. Thanks mom!

So wish me luck Sunday. If you’re going to be on the course, I’m shooting for a 3:55:00 (you do the math), I tend to run on the left side of the street, and I’ll be wearing short black running tights, a long sleeved white Nike shirt, and my black wrap-around Ray Bans. I’ll be the one smiling and having a great time. See ya’ at the finish.

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