I passed a Nike poster hyping the NYC Marathon tonight and wondered, ‘How am I going to finish?’ I stared at the studio calendar and wondered, ‘How are we going to finish?’
But that’s just because I’m shredded at the moment, here in the desk lamp half-light, now, at 12:18 on a school night.

I was late to the studio on account of the MTV. Jason (guitar guy) cancelled on us — he has a gig Wednesday to prepare for. So we went ahead and cleaned up some tracks (“Shiver,” “Annalia”), removing extranious outburts (I have a tendency to rap over instrumental spaces, no matter how absurd), and tweaking beats. Then I tracked backup vocals for “I’ll be Waiting,” and “Never be The Same.”

I was just four bars from being completely done with backups when my voice gave out. All I had to sing was “Never be the same!” four more times, but real high. I called it a night, Kevin backed up the files, and we limped out onto 23d Street, there beneath the silver moon, there beneath the shimmering white facade of the Empire State Building.

P.S. I started writing a song this morning. It’s called “Bethesda.” I wish I could wedge it into this CD somehow, because it’s a child of the same psychological stuff. But alas, Kevin and I have enough to do. So perhaps I’ll play it on tour. I leave you with the chorus:

And she waits by the water
And she waits for her father
And she always waits alone
And she’s always almost home

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