Absynth, Xanax & Vodka

Friday night’s open house was a blast. After six weeks in a confined space with just me, my neuroses, and my melancholy songs, I think Kevin was glad to have some company. We got a lot done, and had some laughs doing it.

We had a fistful of awesome cameos. Half of the pop duo The Sink Sisters, Leslie Sink, dropped by and lent an awesome Mammas and Poppas-inspired harmony to “California.” As she and I stood toe to toe working out our parts, Kevin smiled and said, “Now this is why I love music!” Indeed. Then Rod Perez, front man for the seminal Toronto-based synth-pop outfit Hamster, laid down another vocal part.

The evening’s most rockous performance was provided by Cockfight front man Robert Mancini. His forceful and gravelly “Yeah!” now provides a much-needed rock influence to the bridge of “I’ll Be Waiting.”

And once the Xanax and vodka kicked in, I laid down two suitably wistful vocals on “Hollywood Arms” and “New York.”

And so, Kevin and I are in the home stretch. I have two main vocals left to track: “Shiver” and “Annalia (Come Back Home).” Leslie’s going to come back and sprinkle some powdered sugar on “Intent on St. Paul.” Julia Kent joins us Wednesday to put her cello on “Stay.” And Jason Gallagher’s going to re-track his “California” hook. And then we mix.

Except for my hangover, then, all is well with the world.

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