Open House!

I wrapped lead vocal tracks on ‘California,” “Never Be The Same,” and “Intent on St. Paul” tonight. So along with the already completed “Stay” and “Radio,” we’re half done with the new record. So Kevin and I decided it was time for an open house tomorrow night: absynth, Xanax, Heineken, and “Hollywood Arms.” Wanna’ come? Drop me a line — I’ll email ya’ directions to the studio.

We had a great, productive night. I dimmed the lights, lit a candle, closed my eyes, and tried to find the geography of each song. For “California,” it’s running on the beach in Santa Monica. For “Never Be The Same” it’s the East Village. For “Intent on St. Paul” it’s a combination of last year’s tour, and this year’s breakup.

Kev produced me well. In addition to listening for pitch and such, he was really nitpicking my dynamics. So when “Intent” is extra heartbreaking because of the hushed verses and gradual emotional lift, thank Kevin.

Meanwhile, I need to get to bed. Kevin works at a mean law firm, and is due into his office at 7 am. In a show of solidarity, I pledged to wake up when he does — at 6:15.

Seriously, though, we’re gonna’ buy an extra six pack or two. If you wanna’ come by the studio, have a few beers and a listen to the work in progress, just lemme’ know.

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