What With George Bush Do?

‘There is no subway service up or downtown at 81st Street tonight,’ the intercom chimed, ‘On account of the President of the United States being at the Museum of Natural History.’ ‘Oh,’ I thought, ‘Did the President want to see the Big Blue Whale too?’

‘Cuz I love the Big Blue Whale. In fact, I saw a photo in National Geographic Traveler last night of a diver floating above a humpback whale and thought, ‘I gotta’ do that some day.’ I want to feel awed by nature again, soon.

But I digress. Or do I? Maybe it would serve George and his boys well to feel awed by nature. To meet someone, or something, that they didn’t think they could carpet bomb out of existence. They’re doing a fine job with much the rest of the globe.

I found myself wondering (as I climbed out of Columbus Circle Station to the site of his motorcade passing), what would I say to G Dubs? I mean, could one really have a conversation with the guy? Does Laura? Does Jenna? I mean, what could they possibly have to say to one another? Does he believe what he’s saying? Does he know what he’s saying?

I don’t consider myself political, at least in the ‘Rock The Vote’ sense. But I’m still worried about the world. It feels more unsettled than I ever remember. And I just don’t know what to do about it.

I think we have a tremendous capacity for denial here in America. Maybe it’s optimism. Maybe it’s hope. We walk on blindly (or with a chemically induced Gaussian blur) because it’s easier and less painful than the alternative — engagement. Or worse, compromise.

(And yes, I would apply my diatribe to personal politics too.)

Ultimately — like everything else — I think the only realistic solution is individual action. You have to have faith in the ripple affect You have to motivate other to take personal action based on their own conscience.

So, today, tonight, tomorrow, try and do the right thing. Tell someone the truth. Tell someone what they mean to you. Say hello to a stranger. Pick up a piece of trash on the sidewalk. Whatever. Or don’t. It’s your call.

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