Exhausting, But Adorable

If you can think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with a 6 and 8-year-old, my big brother, and his 3-month-old at the Museum of Natural History, please… do tell.

Chris’ wife was having a girls’ afternoon with her college roommates, so we got the kids. They couldn’t have been more adorable. Or energetic. We ate sandwhiches in the shadow of the Rose Planetarium, then went inside for the dinosaurs, dioramas, and Big Blue Whale. We proceeded to spend the better part of an hour trying to keep up.

Chris watched Taylor, the older, quieter sister, while I chased Sarah, the younger, more gregarious of the two (which worked out about right). Sarah’s curiosity was bested only by her short attention span. She was guileless, wide-eyed, and precocious. She grabbed my hand and dragged me from exhibit to exhibit, criss-crossing the Hall of Biodiversity half a dozen times. Exhausting, but adorable.

When Ethan began to grow restless with hunger, we met up with the mommies at Central Park’s Diana Ross Playground. The girls continued their assault on the city, running over ever last inch of pavement, and climbing on every last monkey bar.

Afterwards, I walked to Times Square where I took in ‘Lost In Translation’ alone. It was a spot-on, note-perfect film. Despite the canoodling couple of bear cubs seated to my right, I relished the film’s rich aesthetic, patient pacing, and — most importantly — completely engaging characters. The film has a sense of seeking, and unresolve, to which I — not surprisingly — often relate. It’s a coming of age film for all ages. And a love story of a different stripe. Don’t miss it.

I did a lot of thinking in my solo time, specifically about all of my creative projects. I resolved to focus solely on the new record, the ‘New York’ music video, and ‘Living Room’ this year, and deal with the aformentioned videography DVD, SJF greatest hits, and my solo best-of next year. I have a tendency to try and do to much at once (remember, I was going to do a children’s record and a cover record this year as well?). And it seems to make better sense to make a great new record, a great new video, and a great tour. Next year will be the year of aggregation, the year of hits. So do stay tuned.

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