On Pop Stars Kissing

Yes, this is what I do for a living: post images of pop stars kissing.

It’s well after five a.m. I’m eating pretzels, drinking Gatorade, listening to Damien Rice, and checking our work over at the MTV News. The city was waking up for the Friday before Labor Day as I stumbled home from our post-party at O’Flarrity’s. We spent some two hours there after wrapping the Big Show, laughing and singing, taking stupid photos and generally blowing off steam from a very, very stressful day at work.

We hit all our marks, but not without difficulty. Our poll was hacked. We were missing ad tags. There were some workflow snaffus. Nerdy shit like that. But if you visit the site (and I encourage you to: my kid’s college education depends on it), you’ll find a bunch of cool stuff: articles, images, polls, letters from fans. All kinds of stuff. All kinds of logistics that kept me up at night, kept me planning, and kept me sweating.

But it’s all good now. The AC’s on. And in 36 hours I’ll be in Nantucket, sipping Gray Goose and lemonade as the moon rises over the bay. Meanwhile, though, have a look at the outrageous after-hour photos from our own little VMA after-party. Good times, good times.

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