Runnin’ & Rockin’

I did a lot of runnin’ and a lot of rockin’ yesterday. Today, I’m paying for it. But it was worth the cost.

I woke at 6, ate, stretched, and grabbed a cab. At 7:30, the gun went off for the the NYRRC 18-mile Marathon Tune Up: three laps of Central Park. I ran slow and steady, conserving my energy and reminding myself that this wasn’t an important race. I sang the entire new record in my head, which still only passed a lap or so. I finished in 2:37:30, roughly a minute behind Christofer.

I stretched, played with Ethan a bit, then grabbed with ACE to Columbus Circle. By that point it was 11 a.m. I was due in the studio at noon. So I ducked into the Olympic Flame Diner and wolfed down two eggs over easy, ham, home fries, toasted English muffin, coffee, and o.j., paid the check and left — all under 20 minutes. Back home I grabbed my Rickenbacker and grabbed a cab.

Met Kevin and Tony in the studio. Tracked parts to ‘California’ and ‘New York.’ Ate lunch. Recorded some more. Burned a rough mix, and rolled. Hopped the NR to 57th Street, walked home, and changed into riding clothes.

Met John on the West Side and road north through Spanish Harlem — which was one huge rockin’ BBQ — up the GWB. Sat a minute watching the sun, passing sailboats, and hearing John’s most recent and interesting stories on shooting celebrities. Headed back to the Upper West. Ate dinner on John and his girlfriend Marnie’s rooftop. Rode home (more slowly now). Changed into jeans, headed out for a drink across from Lincoln Center with Stephanie, she of ‘California,’ ‘Hollywood Arms,’ etc. Walked her home. Walked home. Read NY Times. Ate ice cream. Went o bed.

So it’s Monday morning now. My quads burn. My knees ache. I’m bleary-eyed. I’m moving more slowly. But I gotta’ get goin’. Have a good one.

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