All About Jason Gallagher

That empty six pack of Stella? Yeah, that’s mine. Did I get a lot done in the studio? Nah, not really. But everyone else did.

Tonight was all about Jason Gallagher. You, dear reader, may recall my seeing Jason and his band, Leroy Justice, perform a few weeks ago. And you, dear reader, may recall that a) I was inspired by the majesty of rock (not to mention the ministry of roll), and that b) it occured to me there and then to rope him into working on my new record. Well, God bless the man, he donated his efforts to the casue: and the shit rocks!

And so, while I was eating pizza, pretzels, and beer, Jason was meticulously working out parts to ‘Radio,’ ‘California,’ and ‘Annalia.’ Since it’s late, and I’m tired and a little nausious, I’ll share with you the notes I scribbled on my clipboard while they were working (and I was drinking):

It’s the perfect take, AND THE PHONE RINGS!

I look up and think, ‘Snap! Pete Yorn’s in my studio!” (Could this guy be MORE rocknroll? I think not.)

Kevin and Jason keep teasing me for my M*A*S*H-like ‘California’ lead line (which I hummed for Jason, and he played beautifully).

It’s weird to be the conductor, cheerleader, and translator rolled into one.

He’s playing, I’m eating pizza and drinking beer. Good deal.

Shit! I spilled beer on Kevin’s LPs!

So, it’s late. I’m buzzed. And thrilled: we’re making killer progress. Jason’s a rock star. Kevin’s a saint. And you’re in for quite the new CD.

Tomorrow we wrap up principle guitars, composite electric guitar parts (ie: find best tracks and edit together), and maybe get to master vocals. Kevin thinks we’re 50% done. I thing it’s more like 25%. (Maybe he’s not including mixing?) No matter; there’s no debating that this record will be to you in no time. And will, thank you very much, rock your socks off.

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