You’re Too Old For Shots!

What finds me in the East Village at 12:30 with a belly full of tequila, beer, and Twizzlers? Better still, why am I home an hour later eating half-cooked vegetables and a Bocca Burger? Valid questions both. Read on.

I joined two delightful co-workers for an advance screening of the Jack Black comedy vehicle ‘School of Rock’ after the requisite VMA-soaked work day. We loaded up on pretzel bites (mmm, melted cheese product), Twizzlers, Slushees and laughter. Then, challenged on my spontanaity, we traipsed downtown to Hi-Fi — formerly known as Brownie’s — for some Monday night debauchery.

Were my 1 a.m. dinner not done, were I not still hoping to run in the morning, I’d tell you more of the film (Goldner’s Movie Corner will serve up a review tomorrow, though I’ll tell you now that it’s worth seeing for full-fledged Jack Black hilarity alone), or my fine time with re-patriated ex-pat journo Terry Van Horn, MTV News vets Joe D’Angelo (who, when solicited to do shots said “I’m too old for shots,” to which I replied “I’m older than you!” To which he replied incredulously “You’re too old for shots!”) and Jennifer Vineyard (who proposed the shots), plus my favorite blogger.

But alas, a man has to sleep some time, and cannot be expected to type bleary-eyed, especially when a bowl of Breyer’s All-Natural Vanilla ice cream awaits.

Sleep tight.

Oh, p.s. Check out this weirdness (in a good weird way). I mean, geez, thanks dude. But what up with the angel motif? I’m a little scared.

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