Company Man

My gray matter ached this morning. You know, the stuff in the back: where your skull connects to your spine, where dreams are manufactured. That shit hurt bad. Three cups of coffee, two Advil, two B-12s, and one multi later, I was right as rain, and off to the office.

One turkey burger deluxe with cheese, a Coke, two bananas, and a bowl of Breyer’s later, I have perspective on the day. And checking over the site, I remember why I like my job so much: we get to try shit out! We can just make stuff and see if it works!

My long-lobbied for MTV News Correspondents Blog launched yesterday, and is slowly gathering steam. No other major news organization has one, and it’s a slam dunk for our audience. But it’s really nerdy and internet-specific, so I’m not sure Kurt and John really get it (though John wrote a great little entry today, and Kurt’s ‘American Splendor’ article is basically a blog entry). Suejin does. And Gideon and Iann do, though Gideon doesn’t want to play, and Iann would rather stick it to The Man. Since I’m actually The Man, or at least one of The Men, I’m pretty much over railing against him, er, me. Instead, I like to hum Bob Mould’s ‘Company Man’ ironically as I walk down the hall in my Docker’s (kidding) barking orders at interns (kidding).

Kevin and I are back in the studio tomorrow with special guest guitarist Jason Gallagher of Leroy Justice fame. He’s going to lay down an electric solo and mandolin track on ‘Radio,’ a Latin-flavored part on ‘Annalia (Come Back Home),’ plus I asked him to basically execute my vision (a.k.a. play what I hear in my head but can’t quite play) the lead and solos for ‘California.’ He’s been really gracious about it, and is a rockin’ guitar player. Plus, the chicks dig him, which can only rub off on me when he does the inevitable guest spot at one of my shows (kidding!).

But enough of my yackin’… Let’s boogie! It’s 11:02, well past my bed time.

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