Sleepy-Eyed Songwriter

Benjamin Wagner first started playing music in high school. He practiced his songwriting skills and learned the guitar well enough to perform in bands at Syracuse University, including the alternative pop group, Smoky Junglefrog, which opened for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

After college, Wagner moved to New York City and started playing as a solo artist in clubs like the Mercury Lounge and Arlene Grocery. While working for Rolling Stone Online and MTV News, Wagner developed a fan base and released several pop-rock EPs.

The singer/songwriter/guitarist has just returned to the studio to start on his sixth CD.

The female moviegoers who are wooed by handsome, sleepy-eyed actors like Tobey Maguire and Jack Gyllenhaal, will love Benjamin Wagner.

Benjamin’s heartfelt lyrics of travel, love and world events call to mind a reincarnated John Denver mixed with Matthew Sweet’s modern melancholy. He draws an audience’s eyes and ears to the stage with his earnest acoustic guitar strumming. And his recorded offerings give men all the soft and sweet songs they’ll ever need to create a truly romantic mix CD.

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The Siren Six Q&A:

Q: What inspires you?

A: To write songs? Usually being sad, or melancholy, or lonesome. Or all of the above.

Q: What comes first, the lyrics or the melody?

A: They come together. Always.

Q: What was the first album you bought? The first concert you attended?

A: First album was Hall & Oates’ “Kiss on Your List”; first concert was John Denver.

Q: How has the Internet helped you connect with fans?

A: It’s the front door, yunno? My name is my address.

Q: Do you prefer to perform live or in the studio? Why?

A: Live. Better buzz.

Q: Was there ever a moment when you contemplated giving up music?

A: I’ll never give up music, but the extent to which I’m capable of [pouring] my hopes and dreams [into it] ebbs and flows.

Siren Song Magazine (Vol. 1 Issue 19)

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