The Birth Of Cool, Part Deux

I’m not really sure where to start, or what to say. I’m in a post-race beer, pretzel and DVD-fest, the cherished 48 (or so) hour period following major events in which I don’t beat myself up for not running. It’s so moist outside, I hate to get myself back in the running groove again anyway, but the marathon is less than three months off, and it’s never to early to beat one’s self up.

So work is insanity. The Video Music Awards are MTV’s biggest initiative: we pull out all the stops. In addition to working out staffing, scheduling, seating, content, and workflow for a bunch of VMA-specific projects, I’ve been pulling together resources for a :30 promo that’ll run in the pre-show. I was so wrapped up in mocking up graphics for the post house that I scarcely dealt with the massive outage we suffered throughout Viacom (and no doubt, the greater corporate world). Meanwhile, I feel like I’m putting on the Big Show (as we call it) with no rest what-so-ever: I have had exactly three days off this year. And my team is paper thin and about to drop. Fortunately, we love what we do, alot. And fortunately, I’m flying to Nantucket the day after the VMAs.

We had a business conduct meeting today, actually, in which we discussed conflict of interest and fair practice issues. I’m precluded from sharing details (of course), but I can say that it was interesting, and kinda’ funny. Of course, a room full of creative people is going to take umbrage with signing a document that says (in essence) “Every idea you have is ours.” Of course, I knew that when I took the job, just like I knew I was becoming an enthusiast of capitalism by virtue of moving into the New York City limits.

After work tomorrow, I head back into the studio, where Kevin and I will chip away at the remaining basic tracks (ie: my guitars first, vocals second, then percussion, keys, etc). I’m in Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and in between will run a 5-miler, take some Obey Giant posters in for framing, and who knows what else. I know it’ll be good, though, I know it’ll be good.

Also noteworthy:

It’s the Birth of Cool, Part Deux: My friend John Luther and his wife Kristen had a gorgeous baby boy this morning named Miles Edward. Beautiful little guy with a chillin’ name!

I saw Lauren Bacall walking her poodle outside of The Dakota Sunday morning. Apparently she’s promoting the ‘Casablanc’ re-issue. Wow, cool.

I have a blister the size of a quarter on the pad of my foot. It’s not from running; it’s from walking home from my brother in flip flops after running. Ouch.

Never, ever run for your MetroNorth train from the Times Square/Grand Central Shuttle.

I don’t care about Arnold, Lacey Peterson, or Madonna. I was thinking today at work as we ramped up our Red Carpet! Backstage! On stage! Dressing Room! Bar! Bathroom! coverage of the VMAs that at some point, the only way to get the audience further inside the artist experience will be to implant a camera into their foreheads. Or better yet: some kind of chip that relays how things feel and smell. “Hello? Mr. Orwell? Benjamin Wagner here. Hi…”

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