Parent’s Weekend

It was Parent’s Weekend here in the Big Apple, as both sets were in town. So I was basically riding Hells Kitchen / Upper West shuttle Saturday and Sunday, eating, drinking, and staring at the baby — which is a damn fine expenditure of one’s time, I might add.

The best part of baby watching is seeing three generations together. The whole thing’s kinda’ hard to believe. If I hadn’t seen it coming (ie: been around for Jen’s pregnancy), I might not. But there he is, cute as hell. And my father’s pretty cute too, doing all that “goo goo ga ga” stuff. Invariably, my brother will say something like, “Make sure you support his neck” or some obvious parenting tip to a man who has parented two kids. Anyway, it’s kinda’ funny.

Oh, and I ran 13.1 miles in the sweltering August heat. Just look how pained the runners in these photos are. Oy. I finished in 1:58:17, which may be one of my slowers half marathons ever. But I was trying to run it as slowly as possible, saving myself for this Sunday’s New York City Triathlon. That’s the big one (next to the NYC Marathon): 1M swim (in the Hudson), 18M ride, and 6M run. I ache just thinking about it. Oh wait, that’s leftover pain from yesterday.

In musical news, I was supposed to be in the studio tonight, but poor Kevin’s gone and got himself sick, no doubt from all night raving and such. So he’s taking some antibiotic, and watching WWII DVDs. We’ll get to work next Monday, and try and really rock through the overdubs. I waanna’ be done with this record — that is, have it into duplication — by October 1, and into your hands by Thanksgiving.

Otherwise, I’m in my 10th hour here at the office, and it’s thunderstorming outside, and I’m gonna’ roll. Hope you’re well. And to hear from you soon.

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