The ‘Almost Home’ Tour

I like to write songs, record ’em, and perform ’em, but I hate to practice. Of course, I’m bound to write, record and perform better if I practice. So, this morning — seeing as I’m headed into the studio next week — I did. And in the midst of it all, I hatched what I think is a terrific idea.

As I’ve written before, and as the below set list may indicate, much of this new record deals with transition, travel, and what constitutes ‘home.’ This became even more apparent to me this morning as I played a few tunes before work: ‘New York’ (“Home/I’ll meet you at home”), ‘Shiver’ (“I don’t want to live in the house that you built on your own”), ‘Intent On St. Paul’ (“The view out the window means nothing at all/Standing all day with your back to the wall/Now you’re running away to the heart of it all”), ‘Annalia (Come Back Home)’ — you get the idea.

Meanwhile, as I’ve written before, I hate booking shows (at this point you’re thinking, ‘What a lazy bum!’ Bear in mind I’ve been at this music biz racket for fifteen years). I’ve been considering how to tour in support of this release, to spread the word and sell a few copies. And I’ve been thinking about a living room tour. And it all sorta’ came together.

The ‘Almost Home’ Tour.

It’s like a Tupperware party, but for me. Late fall. I kick it off at the Living Room (the aptly-named acoustic venue here in NYC). Then I hit eight cities or so between here and Chapel Hill performing in — here’s the hook — people’s living rooms. So of course it’s contingent on my friends in Philly, DC, Chapel Hill, etc., graciously hosting me and inviting their friends — and a few strangers — over for a solo acoustic show and sell (any takers?). I think it can work, don’t you? We’ll see. I’m pretty excited about the grass roots aspect of the idea, and the editorial cohesion of it. Heck, I might even call the record ‘Almost Home.’ Anything’s possible.

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