Into The Mystic

It is Saturday night. I am alone on the fire escape. I am high above 56th Street. I am staring into the brilliant orange setting sun. There is a dry breeze off the river. ‘Into The Mystic’ is on the CD player. And an ice cold Stella Artois is in my right hand. Perfect? Or pathetic?

The week in review:

Scheduled rehearsal (7/21 & 7/23) and recording dates (7/27) for myself and the band. (I’ll post the track list soon.)
Met a very cool (and very cute) woman who’s blog I’ve been reading for weeks (a first).
Took the subway into the heart of Queens for the first time (see below).
Picked up Damien Rice’s CD ‘O,’ which is pretty amazing: simple, acoustic, emotive (highly recomended).

Had drinks at the hip and happening cousin of 49&X, Xth Ave. Lounge (highly recomended).

Had sushi at the hip and delicious Sushi Hana on Amsterdam (highly recomended).
Worked. A lot (not recommended).

This morning I picked up the new Douglas Coupland book, ‘Hey Nostradomus!” (I realized shortly thereafter that I have read every one of his books, which I can say of no other author.) Thus far it recounts a Columbine-like shooting spree interspersed with ‘Dear God’ segments from the perspective of a character who knows she’s dead. Disturbing.

I began reading it this afternoon in a sunkissed Sheep’s Meadow. It wasn’t easy. I was constanntly distracted by the goings on: semi-naked twentysomethings, buff Abercrombie models, smarmy old men, roaming beer salesmen, frisbees, footballs, puppies. And the sun. The glorious, long-awaited sun.

When biting flies became to much to bear, I walked over towards Bloomingdale’s to nurse what has become my weekly shopping habit. I got two Paul Frank shirts. And walked home via Duane Reade (Twizzlers) and Blockbuster (nothing).

Rockin’ Saturday, huh?

My brother and I are meeting for a run/ride combo in the morning. Then his wife’s gonna’ give me a hair cut with their clippers: short. Then we’re having a picnic with my mom, cousins, and all the new (and soon-to-be) little ones. Then I’m going to see ‘Northfork,’ which I can’t wait to see. Then I’ll sleep, dream, get up, go to work, and do it all over again.

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