My 25 Favorite Songs Of The Past 25 Years

A few fellow bloggers compiled lists of their ‘Greatest Songs of the Past 25 Years’ recently which got me to thinkin’ about my favorites. What follows is a quickie list of my Top 25. It’s imperfectly ordered, heavy on nostalgia, and influenced by recency, but it beats VH1’s.

25- California, Phantom Planet
24- Skyway, The Replacements
23- Kids In America, Kim Wilde
22- Lucky Man, The Verve
21- Central Reservation, Beth Orton
20- I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, Wilco
19- Bad Connection – YAZ
18- Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald, Gordon Lightfoot
17- Son Of A Gun, The Las
16- Gigantic, The Pixies
15- Yellow, Coldplay
14- Ana Ng, They Might Be Giants
13- Paradise Theater, Styx
12- 3×5, John Mayer
11- New York, Ryan Adams
10- The Chauffeur, Duran Duran
9- Troubled Times, Fountains of Wayne
8- Swallowed By The Cracks, David & David
7- Long Way Down, Michael Penn
6- Babylon, David Gray
5- That’s Just What You Are, Aimee Mann
4- Take Me Home, Phil Collins
3- Kiss On Your List, Hall & Oates
2- Girlfriend, Matthew Sweet
1- So. Central Rain, REM

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