Random Notes: Danny Glover, Candice Bergen, More

It’s Friday night. It’s rainy. The forecast? Rain. I’m on my third Grolsch, waiting for Fresh Direct, posting random notes.

I rehearsed, somewhat reluctantly (I was tired, waaah), with Cockfight last night. We arranged a few tunes, including “Intoxicated Avenger,” amongst other titles I now forget, and are sure to perform before summer’s end. Think B-52s meet Black Sabbath. With a drummer in Union Jack running shorts and mirrored aviator shades (me). Brace yourselves.

Good news from underappreciated singer/songwriter Michael Penn, he tells Rolling Stone that he’s working on a new record that he “expects to be completed sometime ‘before we find weapons of mass destruction.'” That’s rich.

Spotted today:

Candice Bergen: I was jogging around Central Park’s Great Lawn, dodging dog walkers, when I saw a coupla’ puppies frolicking in a deep, deep mud puddle. That’s when we saw her passing by in sunglasses and a baseball cap, leash in hand, saying to no one in particular (though we were closest) “Oh no!”

Danny Glover: I stopped by my local health food store, Westerly Market, on the way home from work. And I turned towards the organic juices, I nearly bumped into him. He was dressed casually in a sportcoat and Yankees cap. And he’s taller than me.

To Do:

Watch DVDs (‘Philadelphia Story,’ “Woman on the Verge’)
Write song(s)
Recycle newspapers
Buy sneakers
Read (Newsweek, New Yorker, The Observer, New York Times)
See ‘A Mighty Wind’
Buy new Doug Coupland book

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